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Thread: does higher MP make a difference on same size of print?

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    Default does higher MP make a difference on same size of print?

    I just collected my photos from Kodak Express and it seems that the photos I took using 4mp resolution looks sharper and clearer than those which I took with 2mp resolution. All the photos are 4R. And I only crop them to 3:2 ratio, no other editing done.

    Can the above be justified?

    Or it's just a coincidence that the pictures I took with 4mp resolution are sharper?

    Also, I find that some of my photos, the colour of my skintone is yellowish. Some others look perfectly alright. The pictures are taken in the day.

    These are the possibilities I figured out:
    1. The light source/reflection when taking the pictures that make my skintone yellowish?
    2. Because of Kodak Royal Paper? (Maybe it's gold base paper??)
    3. The printing shop? Maybe it did some adjustment to my pictures? Or it's their machine?

    What do you all think could be the highest possibility? Any other possibilities?

    Thanks in advance. And I hope I am not asking something silly. It's my first time sending digital photos for printing.

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    Can't compare different resolution cameras directly this way, coz the 4mp might just have a sharper lens, etc. Different types of subject matter can look different too. The best way to do comparisons like this is to take a 4mp image and print direct vs that same 4mp image resized to 2mp and printed.

    Your colour issues might either be white balance related, or lab related. Try another lab.


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    The 4mp resolution and 2mp resolution are from the same cam. I just set it to take at 2272x1704 and 1600x1200 .


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