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    took this picture of my colleague after one of our lunch breaks in office

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    I think the lighting is great. BUt i prefer not si tighly cropped esp on upper portion.

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    very nice. Studio like.

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    Whats up with the eyes? Looks like shes squinting.

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    First look, I like the picture. Given the assumption that the location is not a studio, the lighting acheived is very good.

    However 2 things started to creep up. The first is, surprisingly, the lighting. The lighting on her body, her arms and legs are all done, but then her face, just a bit too flat. The pose is what's really bugs me. Too complicated. There are jsut way too many lines working here. Also too contrived.

    All said and odne, still a good job given the limitations.
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    nice. I like this photo...

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    it's a nice shot and it looks very natural.


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