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Thread: lens for Panasonic FZ-10

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    Default lens for Panasonic FZ-10

    Anyone can recommend budget tele lens for my FZ-10? Must it be panasonic? can i use others? And external flash for my FZ-10

    Thanks alot

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    Default Re: lens for Panasonic FZ-10

    dude, stop posting multiple thread on more or less the same question...

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    Default Re: lens for Panasonic FZ-10

    Yes you can use other brands of Teleconverter for you FZ10 as it is just screw mount. As long as same filter size then can liao. For flash, you can use didgital slave like emoblitz or achiever will do.

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    Default Re: lens for Panasonic FZ-10

    What do u mean by same filter size?


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