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    Question Help! Photos gone!

    Hi, im new here...can sum1 pls help me? i was taking pix today when my cam showed a msg on its screen, saying "read error", and i was unable to view my pix on e camera. i came home to download the pix from e CF card. but all the pix are not inside!

    i right-clicked "properties" and found that the card's capacity was full. does dat mean my pix r still in there but i cant read it? if so, how can i recover my pix???

    thanx in advance....its my whole day's pix....really dun wanna lose them

    im using a Nikon Finepix S2 Pro. hagiwara sys-com CF card.

    Thanx again

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    Try PC Inspector's Smart Recovery:

    Hope this helps!
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    thanx dude!!! i managed to get most of my pix bak =)

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    Please share with us on how u got the pix back. This problem will strike everyone somehow sooner or later.

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    hi every1, below were the steps i did:

    1. Go to the below website:

    2. Click on the "download" tab at the bottom of the page

    3. Click on "Accept" after reading the LICENSE CONDITIONS

    4. Under "smart recovery - Version 4.5", right-click "HTTP download" and save.

    5. A shortcut icon should appear on your desktop. Double-click it to install the program.

    And u r done!!! As for using the program itself, its quite simple. there 3 areas that u have to specify b4 u start scanning ur disk for ur files: location to scan, type of file to look for and the file name.
    This "file name" means the name that you wanna save ur file as.
    for example, im looking for deleted jpg in my F drive. and i specify my file name as "holiday". The program will scan and save the pix as "holiday1", "holiday2", etc etc etc
    it will NOT save the jpg as its original name

    I hope this helps. Do let me noe if u nid further clarification.


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    hi Larry,

    when i run the scan, it can't detect any files.... how else can i try to retrieve my pics? plse help!

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    hmmmm.....was any further "work" done on e card after u noticed e problem?? formatted? took new pix??


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