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Thread: Local contrast (B & W)

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    Default Local contrast (B & W)- Help me Fix these pics


    When i try to achieve a local contrast look, i find it hard to deal with the borders where the lighter areas meet the darker areas (ive done a F*** up job near the hills meeting the sky portion) Anyone has a way to do this better? I'm using layer masks and very little d&burning.

    Oh line with the Clubsnap way, feel free to criticize/tell me to go away etc etc

    Need a pro's opinion thats all
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    Default forgot the PICS!!

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    Default Re: Local contrast (B & W)

    look at the area where the sky meets the hills

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    Default Re: Local contrast (B & W)

    This isn't really related to your question, but I think the vignetting should be made more natural. It looks really really artificial now.
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    Default Re: Local contrast (B & W)

    artificiality aside, could you help me with the problem of selecting the two areas properly, so i dont get that annoying "border" (near the hills)

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    Default Re: Local contrast (B & W)

    just dodge the areas off la....

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    Default Re: Local contrast (B & W)

    1) think you should process your image using USM 1st to increase local contrast..
    do a search for the terms: "local contrast" usm

    2) burning and dodging, if you want, do it properly by selecting only region you want to do, then feather it and then apply your burning and dodging. Yours is rather slipshod work, skipping the edges etc. Use a magnetic lasso, your borders are very clear cut.

    3) Do something about your vignetting, it's quite badly done. If you must, create a curve layer, under expose the whole thing by 1 or 2 stops. Make a mask, then use a 60%(vary to suit your taste) hardness brush of large enough size, white, move your mouse to the exact center and click till you are happy. You'll get very natural vignetting.


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