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Actually its not about money. I feel that many 5star hotels are all the same inside, comfortable yes but u would not identify it whether u are in Bangkok, Hong Kong or elsewhere. While budget hotels are more of local design and local taste, they will offer a "more unforgetful" memory than the Hyatts, Holiday Inns, etc.
not really ! 5 stars hotels will have much better security..

last year, i was staying in Amari Watergate Hotel.. i saw their security guys stopping a couple at aroun 1am. They insisted to the male guest that his thai lady fren whom he brought for a night stay must be registered with Thai IC produced.

The nest night, i ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut ! and i had to go to lobby area to collect from it under the watchful eyes of the security guys.. they even checked my pizza before i entered the lift... the delivery man is not allowed to go up.