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Thread: Sale of bear for valentine/friendship day.. good idea?

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    Default Sale of bear for valentine/friendship day.. good idea?

    thinking of selling these bears for $6 a pair for valentine/friendship day...

    do you all think the photos taken are ok enough?

    pls comment

    I will download the pics to my hall's home page after comments


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    all cannot make it!

    it not just abt putting a white board behind the subject and can do liao.

    You have to pay attention to the light source. where to shine and where to fill the shadow. oso, the table and the white board does not make a good combination. Try something else.

    1. Get a huge(big enought to cover the subject) and then bend it. Don't fold, just bend slightly to give a seamless background.
    2. use flash to fill in the shadows and take at almost eye level with the subject.

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    too bad i dun have my DSLR with me else i can take the photo for u.....

    btw...the lighting a bit strange too...
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    I know all cannot make it lah..

    ok ok... will improve after cny.

    I rest my case

    Thanks for all your help!



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