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    Short, straightforward features to tell you what you need to know if you are new to photography. All you need to know to start using your camera - whether digital or film - and making great pictures.

    This is a more direct approach practical workshop conducted by an experience commercial photographer. His style is less theory and more practical. At the end of the workshop, all participants will have a better understanding of photography and are able to make images with ease.

    Workshop Contents:

    Workshop I (03 Dec 06 Sunday - 9am to 6pm) Total: 9hrs

    - Understanding your camera
    - Types of Lenses, Aperture & Focus
    - Exposure and Shutter Speeds
    - Q & A
    - Day Photography Practical

    Workshop II (07 Dec 06 Thursday - 7pm to 11pm) Total: 4hrs

    - Review on Day Photography Practical
    - Day & Night Photography Techniques
    - Composition
    - Q & A
    - Night Photography Practical

    Workshop III (10 Dec 06 Sunday - 9am to 1pm) Total: 4hrs

    - Review on Night Photography Practical
    - Course Summary
    - Q & A

    No of Participants: 6
    Cost per Participants: S$150.00

    The organiser reserves the right to postpone, cancel this workshop if the minimum number of participants are not reached.

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    1. Confirmed
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    CS is changing the rules in this workshop and model shoots forum. To help tidy up, I will closed all threads for them to delete. Will start clean clean one soon.....

    By the way, PhotoSG is form by a team of 5 kakis to provide workshops and model shoots. I will be handing over to our event organiser for further postings... Thanks for the support.

    After tonight, all posts in here will be handle by him .......

    We will be back soon......


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