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Thread: Photoshop 7 - Toning by Digipix

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    Default Photoshop 7 - Toning by Digipix

    Digipix .. how would your sepia toning differ from the standard sepia modes of photoshop or ACDsee?

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    Normal Sepia Toning will look like the result of my Step 2 image, it's flat. The difference is in STEP 3. Step 3 is the tricky part, that's why I have stated in the article that whatever you do in this step will affect the final image. Painting in and darkening the details of the areas you want it YOUR WAY, now that's the difference. This will make your pic look like a manual toned pic, as every paint stroke is different from every artist, that's the difference.

    Tone it your own style, it's possible and you can do it in step 3.

    What I have written is NOT the standard way of Digital Toning, it's my personal workflow of toning my pics. I'm just sharing it with everyone here, it will only serve as a guide.
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