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    Yet another smoggy day, went for a walk at the railway and snapped this. Was trying to get a picture properly framed and looking presentable, Hence I would like to get some feedback on the overall 'feel' of the picture and what else could i do to make it look more professional.


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    nice. but i think the impact will be greater if you can wait a bit longer and capture it just when the 2 man is transferring whatever they are trying to do. (while keeping the frame of the train in the picture the same)

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    nice and effective!! i especially like the way you've cropped your photo.

    i don't agree that it would be anymore effective when you capture the moment where they actually do what they are doing. the artistic merit in this is that you know that they are communicating.

    no major comments, but the shot looks a little loped to the left. but that's just more of an annoyance then a problem.


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