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Thread: Using high-speed SD cards

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    Question Using high-speed SD cards

    Hello everyone,

    Just want to ask those who are using PNSes, what do you think of the Kingston Elite Pro and Ultimate SD card series, as compared to the normal version? As in, is there a significant difference in performance? Cos my camera came with two 256MB normal Kingston SD... Whenever I take certain pictures, or a video, it takes a while, about 5-10 seconds, before I can take another picture... I realise flash might be a cause, but I'm wondering if the speed of the card might be an issue... Btw, I am using a Canon Powershot A700... Thanks for your contributions, everyone...

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    Err, anyone with any opinions? Or should I post this in "General, Reviews, Tech Talk" instead?

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    I am using the 4 GB Transcend Ultra High Speed 150X SD card. My D80, set to take RAW + Fine at the highest resolution, is able to take 3 to 4 continuous shots without any problem.


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