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Thread: Tips for a trip to Delhi?

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    Default Re: Tips for a trip to Delhi?

    lol.. some very redundant la.... seriously....

    if u are reading from Lonely Planet. things there, good to know. but chances of you using them.... i will say like 40%...

    see if you can use any of they recommended tour guides they can give you. give them a call or fax them..

    sadly most of northern india uses 56K, so do not send huge emails.

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    Lonely Planet was indispensable for me. Stayed in Delhi and travelled up north to Himachal Pradash with a friend and the great guidebook nearly 2 years ago. The book not only tells you the history, local knowledge, maps, detailed info on various restaurants, bus and train times, hostels but also trek routes. Of course, my friend was also familiar with Delhi and Himachal, so it made things easier.

    You can see my pictures at

    Do enjoy your trip.

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