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Thread: Beware .... moneyshortchanger

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    Quote Originally Posted by hongsien View Post
    Is this fiction or reality? As far as I know there is a distinction between smaller and bigger notes of USD, and sometimes Rupiahs too but not too sure about the last one......

    The money changer I use at Mustafa or near Cathay always tells me the exact rate and after I agree I off course can't say anymore, and this is reciprocal off course.

    Not asking your money back when the moneychanger has difficulty accepting your notes, is your own fault I guess. For example older USD notes for example will not be accepted in Indonesia, cause there are higher chances for them being fakes......

    So, try to also think from their side.......

    its reality coz it happened to me last year when i was in singapore. i was changing 30pounds coz I ran out of sing dollar so i expected to get at least 80 sing dollars but i got alot less. on the board it shows that the rate is 2.8 to 1. So I asked the man why and he said my note was old so the exchange rate is less. as a young person I didnt dare to ask this fierce looking man for my money back. I accept its my own fault just want to share this story with others. Lucky for me I only changed a small amount and kept the rest to change at a bank.

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    actually not to side with any1 but before you want to change any currency, it's best that you should do your homework 1st.

    i guess this guy managed to convince your fren that his rates are the best but well, he is doing business simply to earn money. though im appalled by his attitude when your lady fren confronted him? means he only wans to do 1 time biz ah ? anyway i normally change my money at Change Alley. they have stiff competition here so they dun dare to play punk

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