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Thread: Eyecups/eyepiece for d70

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    Default Eyecups/eyepiece for d70

    Comparing the d70's viewfinder with a nikon FM, the d70's is puny. I also realised that its easy to get VF flare since i'm wearing glasses. In other words, i want a better VF.

    I'm contemplating on a dk21m, hoping that i can MF easier with it. However, i've read that the magnification would shrink the VF's FOV even more, since the window size is fixed. Can any user of the dk21m testify to me if it is really useful?

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    Default Re: Eyecups/eyepiece for d70

    This has been discussed before.

    Please read the post made by lsisaxon on DK21M. Use the search function.
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