just to inform those interested that the background music (j pop) that we hear during the show <MVP qing ren> are the following tracks:

1. I Will - by Namie Amuro
2. Every Heart - by BoA
3. Injury - by HAL
4. Lights Brought The Future (piano version, without vocals) - the original version (with vocals) is by Keiko from this j pop group called Globe
5. Dearest (strings version, without vocals, not the acoustic nor the piano versions) - the original version is by Hamasaki Ayumi

note that only tracks 1. and 2. are found in the OST cd (the front cover is flanked by a closeup shot of a reddish basketball). the cd also has tracks 4 and 5. but i never listen to it so i dunno the OST cd's tracks 4. and 5. are of which version. as for 3., u got to download the mp3 form else where ;-)