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Thread: Japanese Sweeties

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    time to start writing reviews for food magazines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesecake View Post
    ya.. describe the taste leh...
    The Tong Luo Shao is avail in SG. Go to Takashimaya basment, japanese food section next to the supermarket. They have it there.

    I think NTUC also got this Tong Luo Shao.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eikin View Post
    glad you like them how they taste like? sweet? ok, i'll try with the rest
    Hey hey thanks for trying!!

    Riceballs filled with redbean paste and wrapped in cypress leaves. Savour the mint-like aroma of cypress leaf as you sink your teeth into the soft riceflour skin, revealing a burst of crispy sweetness from the redbean paste inside.
    N now u're talking... haha i can imagine what u described. Cool !! lucky u to be able to taste them

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    [QUOTE=eikin;2624313]Kashiwa-mochi 柏餅 (Cypress Riceball)[QUOTE]

    Ah hah... so this is how the "mochi" ice-cream came about. It sounds like our "mua chi".

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    long time no update! this autumn's special ...


    Purple Yam and Pumpkin Pair Salad

    Purple yam paste mixed with salad dressing and crunchy almond slices, exuding
    a strong fragrance, is coupled with sweet pumpkin paste mixed with mayonaise
    and pulpy apple bits.
    an adventurous mixture not for those who play safe

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    Wah... really nice... I really miss the food in Japan... everything is just so pretty!
    Wish I could go back... then I'll stock up on bento boxes.

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    Hungry yet too nice to eat >.< TA HAN !!

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