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Thread: Dewali Celebrations in India

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    Please comment on my photo.

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    Since this is CC section, then I guess we have to be a little more critical...

    The shot does not show anything about India. For what it's worth, it could be in Little India for that matter. That is what I feel about the picture.

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    globetrotter, from your title i think a series would tell the story more effectively though we have guidelines for the CC section, do not hesitate to put up a series if there's a need to. but do be selective of what pictures to put up, the aim is to present your idea effectively to solicit opinions and exchange ideas.

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    I do like the movements in the picture and the silhouette is something of potential, something you could play with if you find yourself in such a situation again with a camera in hand. Yes, photo series might work best to document an event. Keep shooting and keep posting.



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