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    I have several small capacity memory cards that is of not much use nowadays, and I have a card reader for multiple type of cards. Is there any small and free software that allows me to combine the capacity of each card so to enable a larger capacity?


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    never heard of such a program before. unless you can RAID your memory cards.. then you might be a first.
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    That mean you will need multiple card reader.

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    Yup, I have a multiple card reader. You can plug in several cards together and used it. To the computer, it is 4 different drives for each of the slot. That's why, I am asking if there is such a software to combine all the drives together, and treat them as 1 big drive.

    Alternatively, is there any software that can spool (may not be the correct word to use) the files to the other storages should 1 of the storage is full? Just like the ZIP is capable of span the ZIP files over several disks in the good old days of floppy disk?


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