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Thread: Chinatown in Malacca

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    Default Chinatown in Malacca

    Taken at Jonker Street in Malacca.

    F7.1, shutter 1/160s, ISO 80, F=66mm. Polarizer to darken the blue sky and glare from building.

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    a bit underexposed?

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    Hi Throa,

    Thanks for the comments. I need your advice.

    In a bright sunny afternoon, pictures seem to contain a lot of overexposed areas due to direct sunshine. Should I this case 1 and 1/3 EV underexposed so that the picture keeps more details...what do i do?


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    Try spot or centre-weighted metering on the mid-tone in the composition... in this case, possibly the green plants/creepers in the front of the first shophouse.

    Composition-wise, you should try to include the entire shophouse if possible. The first thing I noticed was the cropped bit at the top of the shophouse.


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