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    Default HI Bros and Sis....

    Hi all Bros and Sis ,

    Am new to club snap,saving up for a DSLR. Have been reading up information especially on the Newbies Corner. Had read up posts on ' What is aperture ' , ' Depth Of Field ' etc.. wish to go into details on that. Is there any reading materials in the market that are recommended ? Been to kinokuniya @ Taka, browse thru so many of them but just can't make up the mind which to get

    Can anyone of of pls advise...

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    Default Re: HI Bros and Sis....

    the library is a good place to start

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    Quote Originally Posted by ortega View Post
    the library is a good place to start
    Also... there's a bookstore in Adelphi which caters to the photographers, it's in the basement. I think it's called the Riceball
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    I'm going for SLCC's course in basic photography... maybe you might wanna try? Me ish newbie also.. saving up or hopefully my mum is paying for the DSLR xD
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    The library is indeed a very good place to start but so is the internet. Go to "Google", type in the topic you want and you will have tons of information. You just have to choose what is relevant to you.

    As for the the book shop in Adelphi ( Riceball ), I wouldn't advise you to go there and buy any books yet because they are very expensive. Go for the cheaper options such as the library and internet and save to buy your equipment .... have fun

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    I spent about 3 full days in the library readup on photography's basic functions. Its really an informative place to go. After reading up on basic photography, you'll probably spend another few days borrowing digital photography books to learn the art of PS.

    But you can always pay a premium for a shorter route through gurus. I believe they can give you a faster hands on experience.

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    i recommend bryan peterson's Understanding exposures
    good book tat talks about the basics

    u can either buy it or u can go to library and borrow
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    If can't find, then library
    If still don't understand, can always ask many of the CSers.
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    Go library, plus after getting your DSLR, do alot of fiddle around, read your manual.
    Take your new toy for a "ride". Shoot many many..

    Once you sure of your DSLR function, and feel that those fundamental book is of little use.
    Then attend a course to push your photography to next level.

    Save the monies on book, once you pass the fundamental stage, all books are similiar.
    (except when you decide your main interest in - landscape, nature, wildlife, macro, then go library to borrow on that area of interest)
    Used the monies save for your DSLR.
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    Thanks for all the valuable informations.

    Think i will go to the library to find out more.... hopefully I can get my DSLR during the coming PC show...



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