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    Red face DeviantArt

    hmm just wondering if anyone of you guys have deviantart acct, if yes then maybe we cant post them here for all to see and to critique.

    Here's mine,note im a total newbie who's started photography for less than 3 mths, so if you feel nauseous, or your eyes hurt after viewing pls dont blame me.

    However im really very open and wants crittique.

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    Your compositions are very good. Your sharpness is there. Your choice of subjects also good. your exposure/colour is good. Creative titles and descriptions. Pretty impressive for a 3 months newbie. Using film?
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    there's already a thread on this.
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    You shloud avoid posting full res pics with minmla watermarks as thats just asking for it to be stolen? Pretty good compositions but could use a little more punch in the colours/saturation.

    I guess you are using 18-55 kit, 75-300 III 4-5.6 and a tamron 90mm macro?
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    Red face Re: DeviantArt

    Wah thank You!
    Yeap im using my kit lens,18-55, a tamron 28-300 and a tamron 90 macro.
    And nope im using digital, canon eos 350D.

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    Okay, i will take note of my image size.Thank You

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    yo... nice gallery you got there ^____^

    mine is in here :

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    Thanks, but ur "i'm with u" is stunning.

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    mine @

    not very pro in photography, but still learning =)

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    Mine is in my signature. "Redstone" been taken since few years ago but no photos by that guy. My name there is Redstonean


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