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Thread: Taking photos at Vivocity

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    Our DSLR look like a automatic rifle. eg. Canon 30D with 1000MB of rounds to kill!
    Our viewfinder is the scope. Tele lenses are Sniper Rifle for long range.
    Our camera flash is like a flash used to blind the enemy!

    Please use a handgun ( a P&S camera) just like James Bond.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramius75 View Post
    Me and my friend were haressed(questioned) by security guards in Esplanade also... and i tot thats a public building ?? no ??
    Ya I kena too....they say that we might steal their building design.... Outside can...
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    well, i chatted with the security guards inside esplanade when i was shooting. he told me that photo taking of the artwork is allowed, but no photo takin of the structure (e.g. pillars, walls), where the photo might be used by terrorists to plan where to plant bombs, etc
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    taking pictures (shooting) with handycam also not allowed?
    or with an HPcamera?

    sometimes the DSLRs gets different reaction by security, espescially ones with long zoom lens.
    even the same camera, but one with a VG attached to the body will get different attention than the other without.

    for such places.., it's "safer" to snap pictures with a P&S.

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    Yes, I got stopped by a security guard after I took just 1 photo of my daughter sitting on a Bob the Builder coin automated truck at Woodlands Causeway Point last year. Ask the security guard why I can't take photos, he said this complex is private property

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