yes, i wonder is there any agency tat protect the seller instead of consumer like CASE?

my wife in the retail biz oso occasional experience tis kind of customer.

most recent one was an uncle came to the shop buy some wire tat my wife sold him $10.
but an hour later he came back and starts talking loud tat my wife charge him 50 CENTS expensive tat he saw somewhere! so my wife told him tat the other shope selling maybe something diff in quality or maybe having old stock which cost cheaper (as copper price flactuated recently). he even in front of our shop scolded my wife.. for charging 50 cents more expensive!!! my wife chellanged him to buy or cut abit of the wire from the other shop and bring here to compare.. but he refused! buay ta han!! my wife infact tell him off if wat happened tat if he see somewhere selling more expensive than us.. is he coming back here and say thank u and give us more $$ for the item??

oso sometimes other shop kno tat u aredy bought the item and they purposely quote u cheaper one!!

Few more other cases tat we ever faced tat really piss u off!!