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Thread: Recommendations please

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    so basically the IS helps to compensate the loss of light ? Just did a google, the cnet review of the S3IS is kinda low as compared to th LX-01, another compact camera. Whats your take on this ?

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    cnet ??

    thats a dumb website to go to for reviews...

    hw can u expect a chicken rice seller telling you how good the ba chor mee from another stall across the street ??

    it will give a better review.

    i am basically a nikon man for the past few years.. so as for canon... they have earned my respect as a brand..... thats why i am recommending it.

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    U should consider the Fujifilm S6500fd.. it comes with 28mm wide angle which is better for travelling and scenery.. the clean high ISO is a big plus as well..

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    I think you should have atleast 3k in your pocket before you want to even think of using a DSLR.
    Buying a good 2nd hand camera with kit lenses will cost you about 1k (if you are lucky), then you need a strobe (or flash), which cost from $200++ ( e.g. SB600, not really useful unless you using two or more) to $600++ (e.g. SB800).
    Not forgetting tripods $100-300(since most cheap tripods cant handle the weight well), spare batteries, filters, remote control.... etc
    Overall, I would say DSLR is not a cheap investment as it is pretty addictive to buy gears... do a search on "buy buy buy".... and you will know. Especially when you saw a cheap deal on the market place.... lol

    PS: I am assuming the products in Nikon only, its still about there regardless which DSLR you are buying.

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    Glennyong: Haha. Thanks for the tip. Will go there to read up more.

    Goondoo: Wa 3K! I don't think i will be spending so much on a camera thou.
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    Update: Went to best denki to try out the cameras now so sort of narrowed down my choices to the following.

    1)IXUS 85O IS

    Guy any further help here ? the first 2 choices have wide lens thou...

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