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Thread: mtv asia awards... celebrities no where to be seen?

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    Default mtv asia awards... celebrities no where to be seen?

    just wonderin' if there's anyone goin' around waitin' some where(eg. fullerton hotel, four seasons hotel) to take a snap at celebrities(not at concert venue)? there's sooo many stars(shaggy, avril lavingne, missy elliottt, robbie williams, linkin' park, blue and many more) comin' down here for the mtv music awards and so far i've yet to come across any pic of any of them other than concert venue(not even the press caught them on the streets)! i'm sure they do step out of their hotels, do sight seeing, shopping and blah, blah, blah... izit not interesting to snap these celeb? izit not fun chasin' and runnin' around after them? or izit against the law to wait 1 corner with a zoom lense and snap as and when they appear... i wonder...

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    trust me, unless they wanna be known where they're staying at, the celebs are more secretive than the Secret Service. shaggy probably takes off his wig and glasses to go incognito....

    esp the big names like robbie. security would be tighter than a miser's fist.


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