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Thread: What brand of shoes you wear to work?

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    for the week;

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    for good arch support and fit, check out ErgoLab shoes at Marina Square, next to the Creative shop. it helped me get rid of my sore feet problem when I wake up in the morning.

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    Bata makes great value for $ shoes. Get two pairs to switch them on alternate days. Damage: $100 for 2 pairs.

    Shop called Lutimo at Hilton hotel has a nice range of dress shoes. They have wide range from $180 to $500. For ladies collection, this is one of those Tai Tai fav spot to get nice expensive shoes.

    Clark makes great everyday shoes for work. Durable and tough, except for the lace which usually gets loose easily (do double knot to solve prob). Try the suntec branch for wider selection and good service. Price Starting from $140 onwards.

    Red Wing premium shoes for steel toe cap and even leather boots. Priced around $220 onwards.

    Timberland... a once very popular brand in the 90s is now still going strong. If not wrong, they are made in china and the quality has dropped compared to their glorious days...

    For the ultimate, get the MBT ($380 ~ $420 per pair) from Red Wing shop at suntec. Man, those shoes make u float in comfort as it straightens your spine effortlessly. Mostly owned by rich dudes & surgeons who knows how to pamper their feet and have a better posture. refer to blog for neutral review:

    G. Armani makes terrible dress shoes (about usd250) as one pair burst on me before Was a complete nightmare even when i spent another eighty bugs trying to restich them at shoekey.

    LV has nice leather shoes but not value for $ at about $400 a pair. Simply love the soft leather of LV casual range.

    My dad still wears those $10 china made synthetic leather shoes. He said these are so cheap he wont think very hard to get a new pair after half a year or so.

    People spend money on foot therapy, but forgot to get a good fitting pair of shoes help to relief stress and solve feet problems (banyan, in-grown toe nail, flat foot, big small foot, mismatched leg height, etc). End of day, what we wear can affect how comfortably we walk. Of course, going barefoot on super thick carpet flooring is the best, but might not be a luxury we can have at work or at home.

    Try firewalking for the ultimate feet excitement.

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    Nike ACG (dang.. Nike is too short to post)
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