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    The Photo was Taken on a Island south of thailand . Koh Samui a beautiful island that can steal your soul . below is just a simple photo that i enjoy looking at , It give me that strange feeling after i try to scan it and post it for you people to see . so i name it Ghost .

    you have a look and be the judge of it

    free feel to comment
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    gosh... i realli see a ghost in the pic

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    The photo is taken on a simple morning . i wake up and carry my body to the beach just 1 min walk from the little hut i rented . a causal morning windy as usual . Koh Samui have that effect of making you forget where you are from .
    is a island fill with mystic and charm by itself .

    The more i look at the photo the more it freak me out . i don't know why also . maybe is too beautiful .

    gosh you saw a ghost . i wonder we saw the same ghost ?
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    where?...what ghost?

    just notice that there is a very strong gust

    but the lanterns looks a bit out of place..

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    Is not the ghost that you see that scare you really , is more like the Ghost within you that
    might freak you out .

    This is not a cheesy photo . that got a pop up ghost fig. or face . i mean . is in .JPG format
    in case someone think is a cheesy photo with a pop up ghost fig.

    i'm refering to the feeling and emotion side of viewing this photo . the peacful but yet . dry feeling . is a strange feeling . look at the photo
    yourself or even save it in your system and view it during the day .

    The ghost is not the dark fig on the side of the
    photo . that strange man . no is not him .
    he do add abit of mystic into it . is the photo a overall impression that reflect this kinda aurora
    of fear .

    you do not need to stare at the photo. cos to remind you notthing will pop out and the photo do not move . is .jpg format not animated gif or .swf

    Check it out and be the judge yourself

    Seeing is not Believing .

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    Its the spirit within
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    hi lucifier

    nice to see more works on show.

    I like this picture. Its soothing to my senses.

    I like the they bend and the lanterns..i can feel the breeze blowing

    The man walking away on the right is an interesting part of the picture .

    As I was not there I cannot really say much but feel that the chairs and tables in the foreground are a bit distracting.

    Perhaps if you positioned yourself lower and shot the trees with the lanterns blowing in the wind against the blue sky?

    Its still an interesting picture, though it could have been more clear and made a stronger image.


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    Along the beach , there is alot of cafe and motel . which have beach layout .. like the one you see on the photo . i'm standng on a wooden platform
    . thanks for the comment . is very helpful


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