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Thread: Zenit 122k Slr Camera

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    Default Zenit 122k Slr Camera

    hey guys, coz i'm new to SLR and all that can anyone look at the specs of this cam and tell me the pros and cons? it goes for USD95 so thats about SGD156. oh please help me! thanks so much!!!! =)

    • Format: 35mm
    • Shutter speeds: 1/500 to 1/30 & B
    • Exposure: LED-light guided TTL
    • Focal length (included lens): 50mm
    • Max aperture (included lens): f/2
    • Mount: Pentax K
    • Size: 5.5 x 4 x 3.5 (14 x 10 x 9)
    • Weight: 1.5lb (0.7kg)
    • Flash: standard hotshoe, syncs at 1/30th second
    • Zenit 122K camera
    • Zenitar 50/2 lens
    • Nylon carry case with adjustable strap
    • Zenit camera neckstrap
    • Single Lens Reflex
      As an SLR camera, a swinging mirror relays the image outside through the lens and directly into the viewfinder - so you see exactly what the lens does! This allows your focusing and composition to be precise and exact. It also means that you'll be able to immediately see the effects of filters or conversion lenses.
    • LED Light-guided TTL exposure
      The 122K features TTL (through-the-lens) metering for accurate exposures every time. A series of led lights inside the viewfinder tell you the exact moment that your urgent fingers have selected the proper shutter speed and aperture for the shot.
    • Pentax K Mount
      The Zenit 122K accepts all Pentax K mount manual focus lenses. Of course, this includes the Zenitar 16/2.8 fisheye, and a host of other Zenit-manufactured lenses. You can also easily find a lot of excellent Pentax lenses on the used market.
    • Sturdy Russian Construction
      The 122K is composed of a sturdy metal skeleton wrapped in high-impact plastic. The result is a strong, strudy feel in your hands with a weight light enough to rock around town all day.
    • Standard Flash Hotshoe
      This camera happily accepts all standard hotshoe flashes
    • Warranty
      Guaranteed for 1 year against any manufacturer defects.

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    Default Re: Zenit 122k Slr Camera

    The Zenit 122K has a small viewfinder and the meter is not as accurate as model camera. Upper shutter limited to 1/500 and lower speed 1/30 only. The design is basic but extremely reliable. If you want Zenit brand, go for m42 mount where you can get many fantastic lens and cheap - Zenit 12 (full metal body instead of plastic for Zenit 122) or the pro spec Zenit 19. Zenit 12 sold on ebay as cheap as below U$50 and you can get a Zenit 19 below U$100. If you want K mount, why not get a fully mechanicall Pentax like the KX, MX or LX?
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