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Thread: Is Model shoot suitable for Newbie?

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    its really hit and miss with mass shoots. sometimes u can get some friendly shooters, sometimes it can be a mass free for all.

    also, there are considerable time pressures when shooting - either u will only get allocated a short time one on one... or its a free for all on one model.

    as such, its not really the best time, to be trying to figure out what mode to shoot in, how to adjust your exposure, how to fix your white balance, whether to shoot RAW or JPEG etc etc.. because on top of all of this, u need to be working on composition and directing the model and paying attention to lighting etc etc etc.

    what i would suggest is this. in order to get maximum use out of a paid model shoot... first be thoroughly familiar with all ur cameras functions. also, master your basic photography skills like basic composition, using different AF points, framing, and bracketing exposure. try and figoure out, when u want to shoot wide open, for bokeh, or when u want to use a higher F stop for bigger DOF.

    u dont need to pay $$ to belearning this on the day.. can just stay in ur room, lie on ur bed with the manual, and shoot and learn to your hearts content.

    also. do ur homework. go and look at the portaits that get posted here and on other sites. look for the comments that get made etc etc... is anther good site with good C&C.

    from reading all of this, u will start to get a rought idea of the general do's and dont's for portrait photog.

    before anyone jumps down my throat, im not saying that one has to follow any rules... but just like the rule of thirds, its good to know the general guidelines.. before u can then decide to what extent u want to break them.

    if you can do all that, then its worht going on a model shoot, because u will get more out of it... and better value for money.

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    Default Re: Is Model shoot suitable for Newbie?

    Quote Originally Posted by tazzy View Post
    Thanks catchlights. Thats a great advice. Maybe got chance can learn from you if happen to go for same shoot in future.

    I was thinking that with the seniors guidance, it can shorten my learning curve in terms of proper techniques and setting. By seeing how you guys actually do it, I think I can learn much more. So is there any particular kind of model shoots that will suit newbies.
    you are welcomed, but you will hardly see me in any of the model shoots, cos most weekends I have assignments. since i don't attend any of this shoots, so I can't recommand any to you. you can find out more from the regulars.

    Quote Originally Posted by tazzy View Post
    Oh btw I am only having kit lens if I am really going for such shoots. Will it be sufficient? Not sure what Lens suits me so did not get any additional ones yet. Got my DSLR recently so kinda tight on budget as well.
    students is right, kit lens is sufficient.
    I would sugesst Keep It Simple for you set up now, learn how to get the basic right, fellow by shooting a decent portraits, than you can add on other things to make it perfect.

    Hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Static View Post
    Hahaha include ME

    Used my S3IS during paid model shoot.

    Kena condemned (Wasting money lar, how to shoot good photo with PnS?, shooting with handicap equipment, doesn't own DSLR come photoshoot for wat, playing a fool?)

    Never bring only ur PnS to photoshoot

    ppl can argue saying its the equipment that matters, but then it's a sad fact
    poor thing, i think is becos of the mind set tat PnS are not to pro, just play play type ba, but sometimes the results sure is good from experience form my dear fx8

    to TS, after reading wat are your views?

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