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Thread: wedding photography horror stories

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadpoet View Post
    Bridesmaid B saw groom screwing bridesmaid A. Got picture. Developed at 1 hour lab. Bride walk out of wedding. All hell broke loose. All the guests were arriving, and wedding got called off.

    What to do? The hotel is not going to refund anything, everyone needs to eat, so we all had a feast and got drunk. Very little pictures were taken that day after the infamous picture.

    Afterwards, the father of the bride who was supposed to pay for the whole thing, refuse payment. Well, we threaten to take him to court, and I believed the groom who "screw" up paid the bill instead.

    All the photographers and the videographers got paid in full, only they did not make anything above that from reprints. In the US, reprints is where teh money is being made.
    any videographer for tat event? imagine if the "episode" was recorded in video and play back live projected when all guest arrived? wonder youtube have the clips if it is docu..ed!!!

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    I think i can safely say I'm gonna stay away from wedding phoography =p This si a good thread for deterring all potential new freelancers
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    Quote Originally Posted by catchlights View Post
    A professional is able to shoot with any cameras (but most of them will prefer using top of the range cameras for many reasons), and will not look down any other photographers with a more consumer level cameras. Cos we believe that in the end of the day, who can deliver results is the King.

    and I notice some people are very upset to see a professional using a lower grade camera compare to what their are holding in their hands, so many issues arises.

    Most of the pros are not really concern about this, to deliver results and get paid are far more important than boasting self ego.
    Long long time ago, I was so cheesed with those "what camera you using today ah?" bystanders that I whipped out my back up PnS (Yashica T*4) and started snapping... you should see that bugger's face!

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    Amazing experience you have there..... I never thought wedding can be so happening

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