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Thread: Need help with taking pictures automatically

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    Default Need help with taking pictures automatically

    Hi everyone,

    I'll need to do one of those documentary-types of videos that show accelerated progression of something in a couple of minutes.. like those videos that show accelerated flowers blooming.. clouds zooming across the sky etc.

    I'm planning my setup - I think I need a camera on a tripod that can take pictures every half hour. It would be connected to AC, connected to PC also. Everyday I can write a script to move out the pictures from the Flash card into the PC's hdd without physically touching the camera.

    I need your advice please, is this the right setup? Is there such a camera or script that can do this? Several years ago I saw someone posted a thread here, saying that they can do it.. he compiled the images into a video, hence showing the accelerated progression. I can't find that thread now.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Default Re: Need help with taking pictures automatically

    This is called time-lapse photography.

    I do know that Nikon D2X/D2Xs has such function, called intervotimer something. One can set the duration and interval of taking photos. And one can connect the camera to a PC for direct downloading of the photos.

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    Default Re: Need help with taking pictures automatically

    Because I am holding Nikon D70s, I can suggest you Nikon System with Nikon Capture software.

    The setup will allow you to take picture in interval time, and directly send picture captured to PC (or notebook).


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    Default Re: Need help with taking pictures automatically

    any cam with tethering can do it, provided there is software support.

    1 sec 25frame/30frames, across approx 1 day/24hour/1440mins...

    so approx wan a 1min clip, can try shooting at 1 min interval.
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