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Thread: Moon Last Night (Again)

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    Default Moon Last Night (Again)

    This time with the 50-500mm lens, solo, with one 2x TC, and with two 2x TCs respectively. Totally uncropped.

    Just the lens alone:

    Lens + 1 TC:

    Lens + 2 TCs:

    Comments? This time not handheld. Mounted on tripod

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    but then last time that one better leh...this time not much details can be seen
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    I find this series quite good, especially for the second shot. Very sharp and has good contrast close to the terminator line, showing the surface texture pretty well. Looks like a little blown out at the brigh areas, but still quite good overall.

    The third picture can be improved with some USM and colour correction in PS.

    I wonder what shutter speed are used for the 3 shots.

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