Ah Beng had a really foul mouth and would punctuate every sentence that came out of his mouth with an expletive. One day, while crossing a park, he came across a sealed bottle half-hidden among the bushes. When he opened it, a genie appeared and offered him three wishes.

"Wahahaha! I want every #$%#@ing thing in the world!!" shouted Ah Beng.

At once, every #$%#@ing thing in the world appeared and attached themselves to his body.

In panic he screamed, "No! No! I don't want any #$%#@ing on me!!"

In a blink of an eye, all the #$%#@ing things disappeared from his body, including his own.

In desperation and not knowing what else to ask for, he whimpered, "Please, can I have my old #$%#@ing thing back?"

The genie clapped his hands and when Ah Beng looked down, he saw his tiny-little baby thing.