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Thread: CF card Write -Speed Test on Some D-SLR

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    Default CF card Write -Speed Test on Some D-SLR

    The test was carried out by one of the Japanese magazine
    "Digital Photo"

    How to read the Table

    You can only compare the result of the Write-Speed test of the card that perform on the SAME D-SLR Camera
    Because of the number of Files that Wrote to card and the File size are different from camera to camera
    (e.g. The 1Ds file is bigger than the D60 file)

    For examples:

    1Ds Write 10 Files to
    SanDisk 512 takes 34.23 Sec ,
    SanDisk Ultra 512 Takes 19.48 Sec
    ..and so on

    The Result of CF Write-Speed Test is Here - CLICK

    Hope this useful for those who is considering to buy a New CF Card and concern about the SPEED

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    Seems like for the 5050, Lexar is the fastest followed by Sandisk Ultra and IBM 1gb.

    But problem is that Lexar is SUPER EXPENSIVE@!

    One of the Hagiwara is fast and the other is slow. How to tell the difference?
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    I don't really know , there are two version of the hagiwara like you said, this one seem to be the one ,so called a High Speed version..

    Hagiwara CF Card Only the High Speed CF card was shown on their web site.


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    Could anyone confirm if CF speeds make a big difference on Non-DSLR? Is it true that the high read-write speeds on the new cards today can only be fully exploited by DSLR, and that when used on the consumer-prosumer types, the difference is not much?

    On my 602Z, I can actually tell the difference between the smart media card and a 20X CF card, but when placed 2 CF cards of difference speeds together, i could not really differentiate..(by the way, SM is definitely faster than the 20X card, both read and write, or maybe my CF card really not 20X after all )


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