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Thread: Does the photolab affect sharpness ?

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    Default Does the photolab affect sharpness ?


    Just like to know if the sharpness of a coloured photo differ from lab to lab ? I know colour does... and pple tell me, no... sharpness is due to lense. I dont exactly stick to a single developer .... sometimes I go for the 9.90/roll type, sometimes I go to pricier ones, depending on location.
    Some of my photos are a bit soft ard the edges and this is consistent for an entire roll. Some are razor sharp. For instance I have one roll of ISO 200 superia shot at the beach on a blazing sunny day ( 1/1000 shutter speed sometimes), and it turning out slightly soft when developing at the foto lab at excelsior ( kodak royal paper/$9.90 ). Another roll was shot on a sunny day as well, using the same lense, but this time developed at Soo Kee foto (fuji/35c per piece) at lucky plaza, superb colours and really super sharp.
    I believe that at 1/1000s , blur due to camera shake is almost impossible.
    I know the best way is to develop the same roll at 2 places to compare, but, quite a waste of money.

    What do you think ?

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    Yes, the lab has a part to play in the sharpness of the final print. Whether in the traditional lab and the digital labs so common nowadays, there's a lens in the minilab machine. That lens can affect picture quality as well. And in the case of digital minilabs, the amount of sharpening applied can also be adjusted.


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    certainly does...some lab give crispy sharpness and some give u dunno what..same goes to the softening...some do good softening and some give u blur......

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    Default SUGGEST a GOOD LAB

    Where do u guys develop your stuff . Suggest the good labs, and maybe those that dont deliver. Thanks.
    Basically I develop my prints at Serangoon Ave 4 Kodak Colour, KONOTA at Peninsular, SOO KEE at Lucky plaza and the 9.90/roll shop at excelsior. Generally, SOO KEE prints are the best among the lot, and the 9.90/roll shop gives vibrant colours but rather soft on the edges.


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