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Thread: 4th Canon Photo Marathon

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    Congrats weekh.

    Anyone has the link showcasing the winning photos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leinaj View Post
    and so my guess in our little conversation is right that the mail sent by canon do notify recipients of their standing. indeed excellent win weekh Congratulations

    no no no... i didn't know until the very moment they gave out the prize.

    The reporter did call for interview b4 hand but he didn't let the cat out as well. I was told that he was just interviewing some of the potential winners.

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    OK OK OK.. u surely can convince me that a tiltable LCD view panel is valuable.

    But still it's the priceless eyes of the master that win the contest ultimately.

    Quote Originally Posted by weekh View Post

    But I've to disagree with you. The R1 does help in getting the shots that I want.

    The reflection would be impossible if it use a conventional DSLR. I would have to lie flat on the ground. And the 1Ds powergrip would have raised the level of viewpoint higher, thus unable to obtain the perfection half-half reflection. And composing is also be a problem. I would have to lie flat on the ground and the security guard would have forbidden me in the first place.

    And for the night shot, it is also taken from a low angle. Would have to lie flat on ground also with a DSLR. Using the wasit level finder, the condom seller knew I was there but didn't know that I was taking the shot. He only knew when people start standing behind me to look at my LCD.
    The low lighting, handheld shot also requires high ISO. This the only digicam with big APS sensor that gives good clean shots at ISO 800.

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