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Thread: Just a casual question (about outdoor portraiture)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeanie View Post
    really makes me wonder, how confident can one be in lingerie?
    yes, devil's figure(direct translation from mandarin), that will make a gal confident.

    but to pose for 3-5 photographers pointing 2.8 lenses at them, how confident can a gal be?
    It all about mindset
    Example, in some Islamic countries, ladies even showing their face or arms is indecent
    However, western countries had nude beaches for decades
    In short, it not advisable to measure others by your own ruler,
    Live your life the way you want, treat others as a form of exposure
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    Default Re: just a casual question (about outdoor portraiture)

    Must be all the Men's magazine like FHM and Maxim that make lingerie and bikini shoots popular. Afterall, we are surrounded by these images everywhere we go, even on advertisement billboards.
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