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Thread: Recommendation needed for ext hard disk.

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    Maxtor was bought over by Seagate 2 yrs ago. It is now slowly closing down the Maxtor operations. Massive retrenchment started about a yr ago. Maxtor staff is now skeletor if any.

    Seagate bought over Conners about 10 years ago and also did the same thing. Today, Conners is history.

    Well, that's one way to capture market share - buy over your competitor.

    Quite a number of brands too offer a 1 touch back-up including Seagate.

    From the many replies here we can see that no 1 brand of HDD is obviously better than the other. So the decision looks like price will be the main deciding factor.

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    What has been said by the rest is all true. HD will fail regardless of the brand. Mercedes do breakdown as with BMW and Toyota or Hyundai. The key here is your backup strategy. How do you backup your data? Some people do a daily backup while others do a weekly or monthly backup. Then there is the incremental backup followed by a full backup monthly. So have to plan it yourself. How important your data is to you and how much are you willing to pay to ensure it is safe. The other way is which data you can afford to lose should a crash occur or rather when a crash occur. I've had Raid 5 system crashing on me and the data is unrecoverable (depend on which HD fails). But we do have tape backup. Restoring it is a painful and slow process. Oh by the way when you backup to tape you need to occasionally do a restore to test your backup data intergrity. Many major companies backup their data deligently but upon a crash they find that they are not able to restore their data. Your backup data is only as good as until the moment you decide to restore it. It may or may not work. This is the sad fact about backups, whether tape, DVD or HD. I've personally seen it happen many times. One good thing about having 2 or even three generation of backup data is that your loss, should you have problem restoring, is minimal. Think about it.

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    Pardon me for being blunt but a single drive, especially an external one, is asking for it. I had many a fight with the boss over this too

    Many factors can reduce its lifespan. Being portable makes it more vulnerable. Using a external power brick typically isn't as consistent as a PC Power supply. Once you run it for years, unstable power fluxes would have taken its toll. In a school environment, people tend to switch off the PC but not the external drives. Leaving it on overnight when the aircon shuts down wears it down somewhat on a higher temperature.

    As previous posters have mentioned, technique is more important than gear. A RAID mirror setup is pretty essential for realtime failover. It's becoming easier these days as PC makers implement this and more features to keep up the value of their parts. If that's not feasible for some reason, try replication. Schedule a regular synchronised backup onto another device elsewhere. This is good cos , when **** happens, a power surge can take out the entire system.

    Tapes have great archival life. But i've always questioned the practicality of it. The hassle of restoring the content before viewing it is a great barrier. Good stuff if you're throwing it in the bank vault or time capsule, show your grandchildren photos of your younger days

    As for HDD, some would call it luck but i'll call it karma kompatibility A friend just can't touch Hitachi - 4 drives dead in 6 mths while 2 of his 6 yr old Seagates still chugging on. Another swears by his 3 infamous IBM/Hitachi 60/75GXP so many years ago (7yrs?). That said, I'd tell people to get Hitachi or Seagate. They do fail like anyone else, but I always manage to catch the signs before total failure. However, one guy thinks its a blessing to lose data once in a while - it aint funny trying to maintain a 10yr+ mail archive throughout the years.

    Lastly, if $$$ ain't a problem, like some schools with obscene amounts , get a couple of those newly launch Samsung Solid State Drives, just a few grand for 64GB. These things will probably outlast you - provided you don't rewrite them aplenty.

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    Just bought an external 320GB HDD... Let's see...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Youhong View Post
    Just bought an external 320GB HDD... Let's see...
    what brand and how much?

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