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Thread: 2006 Biggest digital fair in Malaysia

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    Default Re: 2006 Biggest digital fair in Malaysia

    Quote Originally Posted by weekh View Post
    go there jalan jalan but nothing much to see
    then makan lor.... share the bak kut teh at a coffee shop with my wife which cost me RM24.80!!! I can have cheaper price in Singapore!

    Luckily happen to take a shot which I liked

    And bought a copy of Digital Camera for only RM8.
    Oop, I bought a copy too
    Also watch a movie for RM10
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    Default Re: 2006 Biggest digital fair in Malaysia

    last time i went to Mid Valley in KL it was much more larger held by SHANGRI-XX ... this one is held by FOTOKXX ... ...

    depends ... i think it's still quite ok ... i just went there and bought my lovely FZ7

    the price actually not tat attractive ... i first went there for CANON booth ... not many stuff ... just a few consumer and the S3IS (i didn't mention the EOS400D did i??) ... i asked the price RM1,899 can be negotiated or not .. the salesgirl was like .. "hmm... actually we are salesgirl onli so u wan to negotiate u need to refer to our boss.." i was irritated ... OMG ... then what for u standing there ?? nvm .. i asked what's the free stuff ... she was like "HMM ... i need to check" ... don't know what was she doing n then returned .. "MEMORY CARD" .. "1GB??" there she returned again ... ... waited for few seconds and returned "512mb" ...

    so i left CANON booth .. the SONY booth also useless ... ... the glass cupboard i dun know what the hell they put it on when nothing is being displayed inside ... just see some videocam n consumers ... ... so i left ...

    then i headed for Panasonic ... ... there i found something at least ... at least they got showed out the FZ7 ... and FZ50 ... omg ... haha ...

    FZ7 - RM1,599 (512mb SD, tripod, memory card case, 3 years warranty)
    FZ50 - RM2,499 or something .. i'm not sure now ...

    other brands like CASIO, PENTAX, NIKON, RICOH, OLYMPUS ... din really go through becoz i was looking for either S3IS, H5 or LZ7. ... it seemed like FZ7 is OKOK bargain .. i won't say it's VERY CHEAP but at least from what i got ... ... hmm (haha... depends on how you bargain lah) ... it's a quite good deal ...

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    Default Re: 2006 Biggest digital fair in Malaysia

    Quote Originally Posted by dominator View Post
    Oop, I bought a copy too
    Also watch a movie for RM10
    yeah ... i bought the DCM .... haha ... it happens to me that i cannot miss any issue ... ... addicted ...

    the movie .. i planned to watch but no time ... haih ... sienz... ... i wanna watch WTC actually ..;.

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    Default Re: 2006 Biggest digital fair in Malaysia

    I went yesterday. Truly pathetic! Ate the Nasi Briyani Ayam upstairs and the food was cold. Spoiled my day. Did anyone notice the Nikon D70 going for RM3,788 with free 1GB card, umbrella and Nikon 70-300mm lens? Isn't this good deal? I did not manage to ask the staff as they look so unfriendly and look like they are forced to work. Olympus booth is the worst. I picked up the DSLR camera to try and when I put it down, the salesgirl just turned the camera around and never even opened her mouth to ask if I was interested in the model.

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    Default Re: 2006 Biggest digital fair in Malaysia

    Quote Originally Posted by don juan View Post
    Fotokem camera, video digital fair

    Venue - Citysquare (J.B)

    Date 19/10/06 - 22/10/06 (Thur - Sun)

    Time- 10am-10pm

    -Lastest products from Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Sony, Kodak, Panasonic, JVC, Casio etc

    -Easy payment scheme 0% interst up to 12mths

    -Free 1+2 years extended warranty, membercard and printing voucher

    -Live printing demo

    -Free gifts from participating brand

    Absolutely Cheapest price you can find !

    Different thread same thing.

    I love the "Absolutely Cheapest price you can find"

    The ppl across the sea must be thinking we are gooh dos, but we oso think they are gooh dos

    Btw, avoid those laksi lemak or Cai Fa.

    There was once i was at CitySQ foodcourt ard 10am eating bkfast, and saw the laksi lemak stall was already opened wif all the food on display. When i was eating dinner at around 9pm+, the stall still open and the same dishes were still there...
    Wah koaz... the food must have be prepared very early in the morning....

    Age of the food = ( Preparation + 10am - 9pm ) = More than 12 hours...

    I personally see hawkers in Singapore throwing away Cai Fa dishes into the dustbin... Dunno if they practice the same in JB....
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    Default Re: 2006 Biggest digital fair in Malaysia

    1. saifulbahar
    2. drakko
    3. BooNBoX (i'm going on 19/10/06 around noon/nite time...)
    4. FZ5owner(can only go on sat, can overnite there and back on sun)
    5. jijicat (also can go sat morning )
    6. Limnlim
    7. J.c.lim

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    Default Re: 2006 Biggest digital fair in Malaysia

    Its a bit waste of time for me.
    I went last year one. Can't even get a 2GB CF card!

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