I just won a Sunpak Autozoom 3000 for about US$5 (yes five) including shipping. It is supposed to be mint (I won't get it before next week), fully working condition but unfortunately has no manual. Not much to complain about for that price I guess. I still would like to get a manual, so I thoght I will ask this community.

Anybody knows where to find a manual for this flash? I have tried to google but no success, my usual manual sources are all empty also. Please, help. Languages that I read are: English, French, German, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and some Duch. If you are an owner I would even be greatful if you could fax or mail one to me.

As for why did I get such an old flash? What I know about this model is that it supposed to be a very good flash and I wanted one for a while. I have a few others also but no Sunpak.