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    Hihi, newbie here. I'm currently interested in renting a dSLR and lens. Have been looking thru the service offered section. But, can anybody tell me how to inspect the camera and lens to make sure its all in working and perfect condition, coz i'm afraid when i return, the owner say i spoil his lens when its already spoilt in the first place. thx

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    look for those rentals with high response and good won't go wrong..
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    try the service offer/wanted forum

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    Most people who rent the cameras are not so fusy with thier cameras. Just make sure all the buttons are responsive. The nest shloud be able to focus (and zoom if its a zoom lens) and if the camera body has a DOF preview make sure the lens can stop down too. Check for the usual scratches, dust and other user marks.

    I rent my stuff from rockscar18he has good rates and is very friendly. is a list of his stuff available. He seems to be popular amound CS'ers as there ws one weekend where almost all his stuff was rented out
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    I haven't had the chance to try rockscar18 but I've heard good things.

    So far, i tried Trucatus (here on CS) a few times and his friendliness, professionalism and condition of equipment is superb! His company (Cinegear) deals in hundreds of thousands of $$$ cinematic equipment rental and if you go down to his office, you'll see everything neatly lined up and the environment really clean (dust free). There's a seperate room for photographic equipment if I'm not mistaken. All the stuff I've rented from Trucatus looks and feels literally brand new eventhough I know that it's been used a lot.

    Hope this helps.


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