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    Hi, I'm new here!
    Anyway, I've been facing this problem of not obtaining sharp image.
    I'm using a 400D and its kit lens.
    When shooting outdoor, I've been using f5.6 and below to get a good lighting.
    Could it be that which compromised the sharpness or the lens is just can't obtain sharp image?

    *Been shooting above 1/100s

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    ISO? Try F8.

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    Post a sample of what you mean by 'not sharp'?

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    if you are comparing pics straight out of dslr with those pnc consumer cam, you may find that it is not as sharp. pns digicam applies on-camera sharpening more intensively. You may want to shoot at f8 and bump up the on-camera sharpening if you do not do much post processing.

    but then again, without seeing your pics, its hard to see what you mean by not sharp.

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    You are not utilising the "sweet-spot" of your lens, which is usually between f8 and f11.


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