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Thread: 2006 FORMULA 1 Japan Grand Prix. (8 Oct.)

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    Default Re: 2006 FORMULA 1 Japan Grand Prix. (8 Oct.)

    Bah, my view of that spanish brat will never change... he got lucky thats all.

    He whines about everything, go take a look at Autoblog search for Alonso, and thats only what the international media hears. God knows how much crap came out of that guy back home in Spain's papers.
    He called the FIA biased, forgetting that last year the only reason he got that trophy was because FIA went out and castrate Ferrari.

    This year, he got lucky with Renault, even a mediocre driver can get a good result when you have a good car. (fisi... duh)
    But it takes a great driver to win against insurmountable odds... the number of such drivers in history you can count on 1 hand.

    Kimi finished 1st last year from LAST POSITION from the pit... a few times even, thanks to the legendary McLaren machines... he didnt complain and still manage a decent second place despite of all the 0 points from car failures.

    Michael I dont think you can argue against the fact that he is the BEST F1 driver now.
    Look at Shanghai, he was the only driver in the top 10 with those crappy BS tires. The rest are all below 14th position. And of course last year he still run a respectable race despite of all the rules against Ferrari. You can give this guy a Super Aguri car and he will still be in the top 5 drivers for that year.
    The way he dominates the qualifying of Suzuka shows you how good he is compared to the others. He ran 2 or 3 laps only for the 2 sessions to get those times, he doesnt need second or third tries. He would have won if not for the hand of fate.

    Alonso, cant say anything about him... but personality is not his strong point, thats for sure.
    Making an ass of himself (pun intended) after every race shows you just how annoying the bugger is... I seriously think he has a Napoleon complex.
    It was fun watching him last year for a change, but now after letting the championship go into his head, Id rather watch less of him... A LOT less.

    Anyway lets see how he does with a temperamental car and an equally if not more temperamental team boss next year...

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    Default Re: 2006 FORMULA 1 Japan Grand Prix. (8 Oct.)

    Alonsa's face looks likethe whole world owes him something...esp when he does not win.

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    Exclamation Re: 2006 FORMULA 1 Japan Grand Prix. (8 Oct.)

    Quote Originally Posted by WongCL View Post
    Alonso's face looks likethe whole world owes him something...esp when he does not win.
    yeah lol, Aso not a true racer.

    latest news... F1 personnel attacked by gunmen..
    Toyota staff attacked in Sao Paulo.
    FYI: Toyota is richest team & big spender

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