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    With the new elements 5 there is finally curve, hopefully channel mixing as well.

    Tempted to get a copy, but do anyone know the upgrade policy? I have only Elements 1, and I have doubts I could upgrade all the way to 5.

    CS or CS2 too ex for me.

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    If it works out cheaper, you may want to consider picking up an OEM version of Elements 4 for about 60SGD or so and upgrading from there...

    I got Elements 4 for 60SGD on 5th floor of Funan (it's a 60SGD bundle with any single purchase in the shop !). Can't recall the name but it's a software shop a few doors away from John 3:16. Can't believe Sim Lim isn't offering OEM versions of Elements 4 for the same price if not cheaper...

    Hope it's of use...

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    I searched the Adobe webpage and could not find any indication if Elements 1.0 qualifies for upgrade. I guess Elements 4.0 would qualify, indeed if you bought after Sept 12 2006 it seems you can upgrade for free! It's like Elements 5.0 is already announced so Elements 4.0 is dead, so you buy Elements 4.0 box and get free Elements 5.0

    If you can do this and tell me the outcome I will grab the elements 4 the next time I dash down Funan...



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