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Thread: Mooncake Mooncake... Hav u yet?

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    Default Mooncake Mooncake... Hav u yet?

    had tried 2, one is white lotus paste from meritus mandarin, the other is dunno-from-where snow-skin with pure durian flesh filling.. both nice..

    nowsday it seem this market is real competitive, different brands would came out with their own new taste and flavours.. here's 2 most 'innovative' i think.. actually i almost faint...

    breadtalk - white lotus paste with sambal chicken floss

    bee cheng hiang - jin hua ham (with most popular bak kwa)

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    Default Re: Mooncake Mooncake... Hav u yet?

    Well, I thought the Chocolate Mooncake by Ritz Carlton is weird enuff. I did not sample Breadtalk & Bee Cheng Hiang's at Taka though.

    Hmm.... Maybe tonight go past Taka, go and sample these 2 styles of mooncakes. Lets see how weird/delicious it is.
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