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Thread: Retreive data from USB thumbdrive

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    Hi, my thumbdrive became overheated yesterday, and it has malfunctioned ie. it cannot be connected to my computer.

    Since it has malfunctioned, may I know is there any way to retrieve the data which are mainly photos from the thumbdrive?


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    What do you mean by can't connected to your computer?
    If you not able to access it from your computer, then there is nothing much you can do unless to send it to those data recovery center.

    If you still can access to your thumbdrive and yet not able to see your pictures, you can download those recovery software and try to retrieve it back from your thumbdrive.

    Hope this helps.

    Good Luck

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    I mean that the thumbdrive cannot be accessed from the computer.When I plugged in the thumbdrive, there is no signal saying that the thumbdrive has been plugged in. BTW, my thumbdrive is bought from China...


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