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Thread: Faded receipts.

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    Hey guys, have u ever experienced ur receipts being faded after awhile?
    I made a purchase about 3 months back. And kept the receiptin my wallet. But in the 2nd mth i noticed the receipt start to fade. So i decided to photocopy it. Now the original is almost totally not visible. Does that mean warrantyis voided? I have the nets receipt though. is it possible to get a replacement from the shop itself? like a written receipt instead of those printed on fax paper material?

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    yupz, some receipts printed on those thermal paper (tink tat what it is call) will fade wif time.... For me, I usually photocopy the original if I feel tat a receipt is needed for warranty purposes later... I tried using a photocopied receipt when I send in my maha charger for repairs at eastgear and they accept it...... maybe depend on shops whether they will accept or not....

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    get a tax invoice...those that are hand-written...
    eat. drink. shoot

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    usually if you keep them in your wallet they will start fading with sometime...i usually keep my receipts at home so they don't start fading... Similar things happens to some movie tickets.. I tried keeping them once in my wallet.. and after time.. they faded.. so now i keep them at home..

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    Iron the receipts. but not too long, 1 sec or so.
    Iron it until the white turns black, the letters will remain white.

    Too long will make everything unreadable.


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