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Thread: Noon quetions

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    Default Noon quetions

    can ask some lame questions cos i have no ideas...

    1) what is LCD pixles?
    Is it same as computer monitor pixel as resolution colours?
    therefore 230,000 is the at least most min standard.

    2) what is Quality Levels?
    Mostly is group by Fine&Standard, High&Normal, High&Normal.
    therefore which will be the best?

    3) what is Orientation sensor?

    4) what is Aperture priority, Shutter priority,Focal length multiplier?

    5) what is Zoom wide (W)? min will be 38mm?
    6) what is Zoom tele (T)? min 114?
    7) what is Digital zoom? min 4x?
    8) how is ISO rated?
    9) Effective pixels &Sensor photo detectors is used for what?

    thanks wor... hahaha..

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    Default Re: Noon quetions

    Some of the info/answer can be found here, please take some time to read.

    3) it's a built in sensor which tell the camera that you are holding the camera in Portrait (vertical) or Landscape (horizontal). so the camera wil automatically align the photo taken in the proper alignment, instead of the owner need to do it manually.

    5) & 6) mean the camera have focal length within 38-114mm (wide-tele), which can zoom in and out within these length.
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