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    We have a very creative garment, one that will never run out of fresh ideas to reach deep into your pockets, what is remarkable of them is have you placidly accepting the digging hands.

    The papers report that GPS is not feasible in congested area. How true is this statement?

    I heard Hong Kong had successfully developed the GPS pricing system five years ago, but did not implement the system due to public furor.

    COE is a multi-million business, could LTA purposely withhold some important facts to support the current COE price level, until the D-Day?

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    Unless it's enhanced by location based Assisted GPS, the system is doomed to fail.

    Must be the handiwork of a scholar seeking a fast route to superstar-dom.
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    GPS in build up area is indeed not very accurate and your location may 'jump' about even though you're not moving. Unless the authorities intends to plant DGPS stations in all the high rise areas and inside tunnels. And the GPS receiver must be able to decode DGPS signals as well.
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    There goes your privacy.... your movement are being watch.... where and when you have been to......
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