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Thread: Sandisk Extreme IV CF Cards

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    Default Sandisk Extreme IV CF Cards

    Sandisk has introduced a new range of CF cards known as the Extreme IV CF cards.

    There doesn't seem to be too much difference between this range and the Extreme III. Even the pricing is similar. It seems strange that Sandisk will release this range and that they don't seem to be killing off the old range with the introduction of the 12Gb and !6Gb Extreme III cards.
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    Actually come to think of it. Now with the current tech, the bottle neck is the DSLR. There is already not much diff between ultra 2 and extreme III interms of the speed writing to DSLR. Needless to talk about extreme IV. The only thing good abt extreme IV now is the transfer speed to computer. Then again, you need to firewire card readers to maximise the transfer speed. I dont think they will be killing the market. Its like canon f2.8 and f4 L lenses. Each is caterd to different user's needs.

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    Default Re: Sandisk Extreme IV CF Cards

    Actually, the main question is whether does the photographer have shutter discipline.

    If he has, then he can work around the buffer of the DSLR, but if he doesn't then of course write speed of the card matters.

    However, write speeds of cards really come into play when you're dealing with large file sizes like those from the D2x and 1Ds Mark II and even medium format digital backs. That's when write speed of the card really matters a whole lot.

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    Sandisk is not just working with DSLRs in mind but also with medium format backs...those guys can have huge files...and I believe it was reported in June when first news of Extreme IV seeped out, that Hassey and Leaf (they are actually the same group of companies and offer the same backs...just that Hassey rebrands them) have backs that might be able to make use of Extreme IVs extra speed...and I'm sure Phase One with their newly launched P+ series would not be far behind...

    also, they can't kill of their old range yet...if you read their warranty policy, the lifetime warranty states that what they mean by lifetime is the lifetime of the product, once that product is not in production, the warranty is kaput...probably why Ultra II is still around, thankfully
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